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This guide is designed for those with little or no knowledge about cyber safety or cyber ethics who would like to learn to identify and protect against online threats. Each of the nine sections examines a different online tool or application commonly used by adults as well as children, providing a brief description and a discussion of its use. Threats associated with the tool or application are discussed, followed by safety guidelines Internet users should follow to protect themselves, their family, and their data.

At the end of each section, a case study or scenario identifies some of the unsafe online behavior young adults and children engage in and the possible consequences. Raising awareness in parents, children, and other adults about cyber safety and ethics prepares each Internet user to become an aware, safe cyber citizen who respects others in cyberspace.

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Resources for parents include these topics:

  • Introduction & Chatrooms
  • Instant Messaging & Text Messaging
  • Email
  • Financial Transactions
  • E-Commerce & Online Shopping
  • Surfing and Search Engines
  • Games
  • Cyber Ethics & Netiquette
  • Online Dating & Marriage Sites
  • References

Please note that although SAFE-Net materials have not been updated in several years, they are still valid.

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