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Cyber security involves more than putting small barriers in place, such as using anti-virus software and knowing to delete spam. It requires a wall of defenses.

The SAFE-Net program can provide training to help your organization effectively utilize these resources. We offer:

  • "Train-the-Trainer" workshops to train educators on how to best present the workshop materials at their own institutions;
  • Workshops to help teachers incorporate the classroom materials in their curriculum;
  • Workshops for parents to raise cyber safety awareness for their own and their children's Internet use;
  • Customized programs.

The following resources provide more information on cyber safety awareness:

The mission of the National Cyber Security Alliance is to create a culture of cyber security and safety awareness by providing the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent cyber crime and attacks.

CyLab's goal is to build mutually-beneficial public-private partnerships to develop new technologies for measurable, available, secure, trustworthy, and sustainable computing and communications systems and to educate individuals at all levels.

3ROX logo The Three Rivers Optical Exchange is a regional network aggregation point providing high speed commodity and research network access to sites in Western and Central Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


PSC PSC's Education, Outreach and Training program promotes the understanding of supercomputing and its application in today's leading-edge scientific research.

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Please note that although SAFE-Net materials have not been updated in several years, they are still valid.

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